Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hello world

My first ever blog post!

So after showing friends and collegues some of my previous projects they said I should keep a blog showing my progress. So here it is :D

To see some of my previous projects and see my natural progression check my Deviant Art page @

I'm currently working on an Iron Man helmet, from the movie.
Here are the steps I've already done, followed by the steps I still have to do.
  1. Find a Pepakura model of the helmet you want, print, cut and glue it together.
  2. Once assembled resin the outside to help firm up the card.
  3. Fiberglass the inside to give it strength.
  4. Use car body filler to build up the detail on the outside, in layers.
  5. Sand between layers.
  6. Spray with primer, this helps bring out the imperfections and you can also draw on some of the details.
To be done:
  1. Use body filler to build up the detail, using files and sand paper to shape.
  2. Primer the whole thing, followed by further sanding with high grit sand paper.
  3. Mask off and spray the colours.
  4. Spray a protective coat of laquer.

Here are some pictures of it from yesterday.

So I got a lot of work done yesterday, but today the weather has taken a turn for the worst. When it's wet I can't get any sanding done :(
Let's hope for better weather.


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