Sunday, 15 November 2009

It's done!

It's done! It's finally done!
Got a bit of a late start today because I crashed at a mates house last night. But things began well, sprayed a few final coats.
Then masked off the gold chin section, and wrapped a plastic bag over the rest so there was no accidents. I then spray red over the chin, to stop any gold bleeding. Once dried I spray the gold on top, again about 4 coats.
When those coats were drying I was cutting up some screws so I could glue the heads onto the face plate and helmet. I then used the dremel to make some dimples for the screw heads to sit in.
Once all the screw heads were glued in I then sprayed some more spray paint on top.
The last bit of painting was the black paint on the jaw. To do this I sprayed some black spray paint into it's lid and then used a paint brush to apply it.
Once all done I applied three coats of laquer to protect it.

Now for it's public reveal.
As usuall check my Flickr stream for more pictures. I'll take some more of different people wearing it and upload them soon.


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