Sunday, 27 June 2010

Back complete and chest re-enforced

I've now finished the back and managed to re-enforce the chest today.
I first glued a wire hanger into the chest so it would keep it's shape. This worked out really well.

Next step I'm taking is adding the detail to the chest using car body filler.
Hopefully get some done during the week.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Chest done onto back.

Okay, so I've finished the chest and at first I thought I'd need to rescale it as it didn't seem to sit right. But after referencing some images of the Mark VI I found I was just holding it too low, once in the correct place it looked good.

So I've not moved onto the back and done a fair bit, starting from the spine, moving downwards then upwards. I'm about 40% there and hopefully I can finish it before the weekend.
Pictures to follow.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mark VI has begun!

I've been waiting for a Iron Man VI Pep to come onto the scene since watching the first Iron Man 2 trailer and finally one has arrived.

robo3687 on the forums has provided a well detailed set of Iron Man armors which cover the Iron Man 2 movie suites. These can be found here

So I'm almost done with the Pep work, although I spent a couple of hours prior to Pepping sorting out supports so it would keep its shape during the re-enforcement stage. The total Pep time is going to come to 7 hours and hopefully I can re-enforce it this weekend.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Well I missed a few blog posts :S Sorry!

Well I did eventually finish off the mold and have successfully cast a few helmets. Can you spot the difference?
Next step on the helmet front is to make a nice copy for myself and install a set of light up eyes like I did for the master and an electronic system for the faceplate.

If you've not seen the light up eyes yet then check my Flickr photo stream here

I've started moving away from Flickr, and towards Picasa so I'm removing the Flickr gadget on the right because it seems to make the page take ages to load.