Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hellfire body progress

This weekend I made a decent amount of progress on the side panels of the main body. Building up the panels with body filler alone was taking too long so I decided to use a different technique I've seen used by other prop makers like Punished Props and Volpin Props. They've used insulation foam to build up the prop and then laminated resin or filler over the top. Luckily I had some left over foam from when I insulated my shed which was perfect.
So I started the same, building up fences and then gluing blocks of foam to the panel and fences. This was then filed and sanded down to under the required shape. I also cut the panels in half so I could easily shape the bevels.
I then put a layer of filler down and did an initial sanding pass.
Finally I glued the panel pieces onto the inner frame. During this I accidentally snapped a thin section which is why there's a stop and clamp in one of the pictures.


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