Sunday, 21 April 2013

New toy

A week and a half ago I received delivery of my new toy, a Mendel90 3D printer kit. It took about 20 hours to assemble and about another 8 to configure, but it's now working well. Been mostly printing small figures and trinkets, but thought this weekend I'd try printing something more challenging. So I found a complete printable Sword of Omens on Thingiverse and couldn't believe my luck, I've wanted one since I was a kid. So far I've printed and assembled the handle and one piece of the blade. But I'll probably make the blade from a piece of wood rather than 6 printed pieces, it'll look nicer.

So I now need to get back into 3D modelling, probably using Sketchup or Blender. Then I'll be able to print parts for the Hellfire, like the sight and trigger.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Front end progressing well

Got a lot of work done this weekend, the front end in particular is coming together well. I started by cutting out the display panel out of the other side, putting the two sides together and filing the cavity.
I then started to use my rotary tool to merge the main body to the stock. Unfortunately I didn't get far before the tool packed it in, luckily my drill was still up for the job. I then used a combination of body filler and Milliput to finished it off. Lots of sanding later and it was done.
On Sunday I worked on the front end, cutting and bevelling the panels. These were then super glued in place and body filler squeezed into the cavities underneath and on top, leaving the panels open at the end. There's a nice picture of this in my image gallery.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter weekend, slow progress

Easter weekend, 4 days, should've had lots of time to work on the gun. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Only got about 4 hours in over the long weekend, plus about 2 hours midweek last week.
I found a plastic lid which was almost the perfect fit for the clip, so I filled it with resin to make it solid as it was quite flimsy. I then cut out an MDF circle and epoxied it to the top.
I made the clip opening a little larger to fit and found it to be too close to the top. So I cut more off the bottom part and added some Milliput to the top section to move the opening down.
I then decided to cut the window which will house the guns display. I could only do this on one side as the Milliput was still drying on the other.
I also started working on the detail near the muzzle. There's a picture in the gallery showing it temporarily taped on.