Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter weekend, slow progress

Easter weekend, 4 days, should've had lots of time to work on the gun. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Only got about 4 hours in over the long weekend, plus about 2 hours midweek last week.
I found a plastic lid which was almost the perfect fit for the clip, so I filled it with resin to make it solid as it was quite flimsy. I then cut out an MDF circle and epoxied it to the top.
I made the clip opening a little larger to fit and found it to be too close to the top. So I cut more off the bottom part and added some Milliput to the top section to move the opening down.
I then decided to cut the window which will house the guns display. I could only do this on one side as the Milliput was still drying on the other.
I also started working on the detail near the muzzle. There's a picture in the gallery showing it temporarily taped on.


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